Ministerial posts unlikely for Independents in next government

It been claimed that Independent’s including the Sligo Leitrim TD, Marian Harkin, have been promised ‘Jackie Healy Rae type deals’ and access to Ministers in return for supporting the next government.


Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Greens will hold further meetings with Independent TD’s today about the possibility of entering government.


Negotiations on a programme for government will continue later with a deal likely to come next week.


Earlier this week the elected Fianna Fail Councillors in Leitrim, wrote to Party Leader Michael Martin urging him not to enter into government with the Green Party and Fine Gael.


Michael McNamara, Marian Harkin and Michael Fitzmaurice were told they could get deals for their respective constituencies as well as access to Ministers.


It’s understood this would be the arrangement rather than the promise of Ministerial posts.


Today the parties will meet with the regional group of Independents to discuss the same thing.


They’ll be told they will get a programme for government next week when it’s concluded.


The negotiating teams will meet again today as they aim to finalise that programme before it goes to the respective parties to be voted on