Hosepipe ban likely as water shortage grows

Irish Water says it is ‘increasingly likely’ that a Water Conservation Order, more commonly known as a hosepipe ban, will have to be put in place following increased demand on water and deteriorating drought conditions.

This comes during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, when handwashing and hygiene remain critically important.

Two weeks ago, Irish Water, urged the public to choose handwashing over power washing as domestic water usage increased by an average of 20% as more people were staying at home in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Advertisements are currently running on radio and social media advising the public on tips to save water in the garden and in the home.

Now the increased domestic demand and increase in commercial demand as businesses are reopening is being exacerbated by warm weather and the widespread emergence of drought conditions. 

Georgina O’Reilly is Drink & Water Lead for Irish Water in Sligo and Leitrim: