Slight increase in North West Covid-19 numbers

The Data Protection Commissioner’s in discussions with the HSE over its release of workers Covid-19 test results to employers.


Yesterday it confirmed the practice had been taking place in ‘exceptional’ circumstances for public health reasons.


However, it now says it’s reconsidering the move following criticism – the Chief Medical Officer described it as a “breach of confidentiality”.


Dr. Tony Holohan says it’s not something that should have been happening:



There are now 24,251 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, and 1,561 deaths.


The number of cases in the North West has risen slightly from 683 to 686.


The number of cases in Sligo remains at 129, there have been two new cases reported in Donegal bringing the total number of cases in the County to 477.


There has been an additional case of Covid-19 confirmed in Leitrim which means the total number for County now stands at 80.