Leitrim Council Meeting hears of concerns over disposal of PPE equipment

Today’s information meeting of Leitrim County Council will be asked to provide information on what measures are in place to ensure that there are adequate measures in place to dispose of PPE equipment which private homes are looking to dispose of in a safe manner.


The issues is being raised by Manorhamilton MD Councillor Padraig Fallon.


Cllr Fallon says waste disposal collectors are not in a position to accept used PPE and as a result there is uncertainty how home owners can dispose of it.




Leitrim Council gave the following response to the motion:


Report by Head of Finance & Water Services

“Disposal of such waste should be managed in accordance with HSE guidelines, which are contained in the Covid-19 public information booklet which was sent to every household. The simple guidelines to follow are as follows:


  • Put all your rubbish (waste), including an items which would normally be placed in the recycle bin or food waste bin, in a bin bag & tie when about two thirds full


  • Put this bin bag into a second bin bag & a tie a knot


  • Store the bag somewhere safe for 3 days & then put the bag into your wheelie bin for collection


Also follow the guidelines in leaving out bins for Waste Collection Contractor which are as follows:


  • Bins to be presented on the evening before scheduled collection date


  • Handles of bins to be cleaned with disinfectant where possible before and after presentation.


  • Wipes, Cloths, gloves etc used for cleaning can be placed in your general waste bin.


For further information, Please view website for guideline details. www.mywaste.ie and  www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus”