Who, if anyone, is in charge of enforcing social distancing?

A Sligo councillor has written to a Garda chief superintendent, the chief executive of Sligo County Council and the head of the regional health forum for advice on what to do about confronting people who do not observe social distancing guidelines.

Cllr Donal Gilroy says the problem is that nobody knows who exactly is in charge.

He said he was appealing for a simple protocol to be put in place so that members of the public or their public representatives know exactly where to go for help.

Cllr Gilroy says the fear is that people not keeping the required two-metre social distances might get upset or annoyed if approached, possibly leading to public order issues or worse.

He also says social media was filled with venomous comments in relation to this.

Cllr Gilroy, a diabetic, is himself is one of those in the ‘at risk’ category.

For people like him, ensuring that people maintaining social distancing is a key life-saving measure in what are now worrying times.