Land prices increase in Sligo & Leitrim

Land prices are continuing to rise in Sligo and Leitrim but there’s a 20% drop in Donegal.


That’s according to the latest Irish Farmers’ Journal 2019 Annual Land Price Report.


The volume of land recorded on the market in Donegal for 2019 was much higher than in previous years, with some 2,283 acres offered for sale and almost 40% of those sold.


Prices in Donegal fell by 20%, the biggest percentage drop in any county.


The average price for Donegal in 2019 was €6,089 across 21 transactions.


In Leitrim, the average price per acre broke the €5,000 mark for the first time in 2018.


It has maintained this again in 2019, rising a further 5% to €5,479/acre.


Forestry buyers remained active in the Leitrim market last year.


Private forestry investors are paying anywhere from €1,500/acre to €4,500/acre.


The amount of land offered to the market dropped from over 1,500 acres in 2018 to just 932 acres.


In Sligo, land prices, increased for the fifth year in a row.


At €6,900/acre, prices are 2% higher than they were in 2018.


Similar to other counties in Connaught, very few transactions were over €300,000 in value.


In fact, there were just three for Sligo — and all of them were private treaty sales of parcels that were over 55 acres in size.


Beef, sheep and mixed farmers — which are mostly beef and sheep — together accounted for 75% of the sales in Sligo.


Dairy and forestry buyers were also active in the market.