Irish Water calls on people to conserve water

Irish Water is now asking the public to conserve water.

In particular, it is asking all non-domestic customers to turn off all non-essential water in buildings that are not going to be in use for some time.

These include water that’s turned on for the automatic flushing of urinals.

Irish Water, in a statement on its response to the COVID-19 virus, says its aim is top ensure the safety and well-being of staff, to secure the consistent quality and supply of drinking water and to maintain wastewater services on the public network.

Irish Water says it’s in regular contact with local authorities to ensure that the welfare of staff is protected and that there is sufficient chemicals for water and wastewater treatment.

Plans for remote working and reduced staffing have been tested and are in place.

It is also ensuring that service is maintained at its customer contact centre and that appropriate personal protection equipment is available.

Irish Water also says it is conscious that there may be an increased usage of antiseptic wipes at this time.

However, it asks that these are disposed of in bins as flushing wipes can cause blockages in pipes.

Manager Director of Irish Water Niall Gleeson says that as the situation evolves, its plans will be amended and changed to meet all of the emerging challenges.