Government announce new measures to tackle Coronavirus

All schools, colleges and childcare facilities across the country will close today to limit the spread of Coronavirus.


The Taoiseach has announced cultural institutions like theatres and concert venues will also be shut until March 29th.


Indoor gatherings of over 100 people and outdoor gatherings of over 500 people have been banned.


Leo Varadkar says there are provisions are being put in place to keep the country running.



Employers have been asked to allow people to work remotely if possible or to stagger working times

Social interaction should also be reduced according to the Taoiseach.

Shops are being asked to remain open and public transport is going to continue as normal

Businesses should take a sensible approach to dealing with the crisis according to the Taoiseach.

He’s said it will lead to a dip in the economy but that things will bounce back

Leo Varadkar said all resources will be put into tackling the Coronavirus.