Water concerns continue for Lough Talt users

The boil water notice for those on the Lough Talt water supply will remain in place until at least the end of the year.


Works are taking place to build a new treatment plant at the site of Lough Talt as residents and businesses are still required to boil their water before consumption.


The issue for the last number of years has been due to high levels of Cryptosporidium which, Kellie Cadman of Lough Talt Water Warriors, says is going to get worse over the coming months.


She says there are two times of the year where the parasite is most prevalent, lambing season being one, which is currently ongoing.


Irish Water claim that the treatment plant will be built by the end of 2020.


However, speaking to OceanFM News, Kellie Cadman claims at the last meeting in June 2019, representatives from Irish Water told the local community it would be 2021.