71 new GoSafe locations in the north west

71 new speed camera safety zones will come into affect across Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal from 6am Monday next.

It’s part of a new nationwide review of all current routes.

There will be a total of 903 new areas where GoSafe speed camera vans will operate around the country.

The review has also found 575 zones no longer need to be monitored and will be removed, bringing the total number around the country to 1,322.

The zones are picked based upon the toal number of speed related collisions.

262 kilometres across the north west will have new zones; 36 kilometres in Leitrim, 80 in Sligo and 146 kilometres across Co. Donegal.

38 total kilometres along different stretches of the N15 going through counties Sligo and Donegal have been identified as new danger zones.

There have been a total of 37 collisions in the areas, including 3 fatal, upto February 2020.

Almost 4 kilometres of the N4 going through parts of Sligo and Leitrim have hotspots with 11 total collisions.

There is also 5.64 kilometres of the N16 in Sligo.

Figures show that road deaths have decreased from 415 in 2000 to 148 in 2019.

Gardaí and the Road Safety Authority say speed is a significant factor in most road collisions.

More than 1.5m speeding tickets have been issued since the introduction of GoSafe speed vans in 2010.

A number of local and regional roads are also included in the new locations, with the full list and an interactive map available on garda.ie.