Fianna Fáil & Independent’s need to do more to end farming injunctions

Farmers are refusing to leave the St Stephens Green area of Dublin City Centre.


The Agriculture Minister came to the picket line early this morning and also sat down with five of the farmers at the Department in the last hour.


Farmers had said they would remove the tractors that are causing the traffic chaos, if the Minister came to meet with them, but are unhappy with the outcome of the meetings.


Farmers now want the Minister to apologise for comments he made in the Dáil yesterday about the protests.


Padraig Brady is one of the farmers who met with Minister Creed:


The chairman of the Leitrim Beef Plan Movement Brendan Barry says politicians  from Fianna Fail and the Independents should do more to ensure that any existing injunctions are dropped by APP immediately.



Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has told farmers the government doesn’t control the price of beef: