INHFA calls on Taoiseach to stick to his promise on CAP

The Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Associations is calling on the Taoiseach to stay true to a promise he made in February of 2018.

Leo Varadkar made a commitment to provide additional funding in order to protect the CAP budget in line with increasing contributions from all other member states across the EU. This would see the current rate of member state contributions go from 1.1% to 1.3%

However, there has been some reluctance from some EU member states, which the National President of the INHFA Colm O’Donnell believes could sway the Taoiseach commitment of this increase.

With the new CAP programme as currently proposed, Sligoman Colm O’Donnell says it would see cuts of almost 4% to Pillar 1 and over 15% to rural development programme through Pillar 2, which would see a major impact on ANC and TAMS schemes that many small farmers are dependent on: