Efforts being made to solve access to Inishmurray Island

New moves are afoot in an effort to solve an ongoing problem over access to the monastic island of Inishmurray off the coast of north Sligo.

Boat trips to the island have been banned since early 2018 when the Marine Survey Office attached to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport ruled that landing on and disembarking from the island’s natural harbour of Clashymore is unsafe.

However, locals say there has never been an accident.

The ban has particularly hit the small number of commercial boat owners who provide day trips to the island.

Now, Sligo County Council is to commission a topographical/land survey and a sea bed survey at Clashymore Harbour.

Sligo Independent Alliance Councillor Marie Casserly says this is necessary before any design and tendering that might take place for possible future construction works.