Sinn Fein TD Martin Kenny comments on the new Brexit Deal

“The backstop in any Brexit deal is still not going to solve the problems we have in Ireland because the truth is Brexit is bad no matter what happens.”

That’s according to the Sligo/Leitrim Sinn Fein TD Martin Kenny.

Of the EU leaders that arrived at day two of the Brexit summit, very few of them have been speaking, with the mood very much being that the ball is now in Boris Johnson’s court.

They all feel they’ve done their part by getting a deal renegotiated and that it’s now up to Westminster.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now left Brussels to try and win support for the deal, with the numbers in the House of Commons incredibly tight.

But back at home the view on the backstop and the new deal is very different.

Sinn Fein Spokesperson on Justice and Equality Martin Kenny believes it is not a good day whenever you talk about Brexit.

He says this now opens the door for the likes of the DUP to try and re-establish the border and wear down the Good Friday Agreement.

When asked about how this would leave England and the UK should the deal fall through, Martin Kenny gave this response