Traveller advocate calls on public representatives to condemn attacks

A Sligo Travellers advocate is calling on local representatives to publicly and strongly condemn recent attacks on a house in an estate in Sligo town that had been allocated to a local Traveller family.

Bernadette Maughan, manager of the Sligo Traveller Support Group, says public representatives should have been shouting their condemnation from the rooftops . . .but instead she says she has heard nothing.

The Sligo Traveller Support Group has issued a statement strongly condemning the recent attacks on the local authority house that had been allocated to members of a Traveller family who are living in the Connaughton Road Car Park.

The Group says there are five children in the family, all aged under 10 years old.

The group is also critical of local residents in the Cartron Estate area who signed a petition in relation to the issue.

The house in Carton Estate has been attacked on a number of occasions in recent weeks, resulting in broken windows, flooding and an attempted arson attack on the roof of the property.

Bernadette Maughan says these kinds of actions are not acceptable, whether they impact Travellers, settled people, asylum seekers or refugee communities.

She added that if Travellers had been the culprits, the response would have been very different.