Brexit deal done — now for the details, and if it will pass in the House of Commons

Farmers and those involved in all aspects of agriculture will be pleased to hear there is a Brexit deal between the Uk and the EU.

But now that a deal has been done, there are, at present, more questions than answers.

And with the DUP opposing the deal, there remains the question if it will be passed by MPs in the House of Commons.

The DUP, which has a large farming sector support, says the proposals agreed today are not “beneficial to the economic well-being of Northern Ireland.”

Sligo IFA Chairperson Kathleen Henry says farmers will be watching carefully to ensure there is, as she says, no unexpected sting in the tail’ for farmers.

Meanwhile, the Junior Agriculture Minister is appealing to angry farmers to allow the Beef Market Taskforce to begin its work.

Its first meeting was to due take place on Monday, but was called off after scuffles outside the Department of Agriculture.

The taskforce was set up after weeks of protests outside meat factories, as farmers called for higher prices for their animals.

In the Dáil this afternoon, Minister of State Andrew Doyle was unable to say when the taskforce would resume.