After Brexit border demonstrations, Kenny says the only solution is Irish unity referendum

A Sligo/Leitrim TD says the ultimate solution to the disruption and hardship which Brexit threatens to bring to Ireland is to hold a referendum on Irish unity.

Sinn Fein Deputy Martin Kenny was speaking following border demonstrations in advance of a critical EU Council summit – the last such meeting before the British Government says it will leave the European Union..

Earlier today individuals and groups living along the border assembled at crossings, including along the Leitrim/Fermanagh and Cavan/Fermanagh border.

They carried lighted beacons and torches to show opposition to Brexit and their determination to resist the imposition of any border infrastructure.

Deputy Kenny said there can be no DUP veto on any protections for Ireland, adding that a referendum on Irish unity would give people the option of removing the British border in Ireland once and for all.