September presents unwanted records for trolley figures

September was the worst month on record for patients without a bed in Irish Hospitals according to the Irish Nurses Midwife Organisation.


The figures also show that September 2019 is the worst September for overcrowding to date.


Letterkenny and Sligo University Hospital’s ranked amongst the top 10 worst affected hospitals when it comes trolleys figures last month.


Sligo University Hospital has been ranked as the 9th worst effected with patients waiting on trolleys. The figure’s stood at 396 for the month of September. That’s a 60% increase on September of last year.


Letterkenny University Hospital has been ranked the 7th most overcrowded facility in the country with 615 patients left without a bed and waiting on trolleys across the hospital.

That’s an increase of 22.5 % on last year’s figure.


A statement was issued from the Emergency Department at Letterkenny University Hospital in accordance with these figures regretting.  The statement regretted the delay they had caused to sick patients waiting on trolleys.


Today, Letterkenny is the 6th worst affected in the country with 29 patients waiting on trolleys and Sligo comes in at 7th with 21 patients without a bed.

Limerick University Hospital again has the highest figures today with 70 patients left without bed.