Leitrim give more to Charity per month than any other County in the North West.

New research monitoring people’s spending habits show people from Leitrim give more to charity per month than any other county in the north west region.

The figures from AIB monitored how much money people were spending across a number of areas, including dining out and groceries.

On average, people from Leitrim donated more to charitable organisations, spending around €3.40 per month, followed by people from Sligo, who spent €2.28, while those from Donegal gave €2.24.

The research by AIB monitored the spending habits of its customers over a six-month period.

Sligo people spent the greatest amount on groceries per month, paying out an average of around 226 euro, compared to 186 euro in Donegal.

On average, people from Sligo also spent more on eating out, dishing out around €84 per month, compared to just 64 euro by people from Donegal.

Overall, people living in Sligo also spent more than those in their neighbouring counties on clothing and on membership and subscriptions.