Farmers left with no choice but to protest

The Chairman of the beef plan movement in Sligo says that they have no choice other than to stage protests outside supermarket distribution centres.


The latest protests commenced over the weekend and are continuing today as the news emerged that retailers will not be present at today’s second round of beef talks, despite repeated requests from farmers that they be included.


Farmers held protests outside supermarket distribution centres around the country yesterday, as part of the ongoing row with meat factories over beef prices.



Gerard Pilkington says that despite several requests, some retailers have just ignored their requests for talks on the issue.


Meanwhile Meat Industry Ireland has adjourned its involvement in talks over the beef protests.


In a statement this afternoon, MII said some 20 plants representing 80% of processing capacity remain blockaded.

“During an initial engagement with the independent chair and government officials, MII communicated that protesters had failed to step back from factory gate blockades and had instead intensified these illegal blockades,” MII said in its statement.

“MII requested the Minister and independent chairman to use their best endeavours to have blockades lifted to enable talks,” it said.

The group confirmed that it is adjourning its participation in the talks “until all illegal blockades are lifted”.