Beef plan Movement not responsible for latest protests

The Beef Plan Movement has rejected the deal hammered out between farmers and industry representatives.


It says it doesn’t go far enough to deal with real pricing control measures that factories and retailers put on farmers.



The agreement reached last week had dealt with some key issues, however farmers had expressed their disappointment that pricing wasn’t addressed.


Protests are taking place today at some meat plants in relation to the issue, however the Beef Plan Movement is not endorsing those demonstrations.


Meat Industry Ireland says it’s disappointed protests have resumed at a number of beef processing plants since yesterday afternoon.


Industry representatives says price wasn’t and couldn’t be discussed during these talks.


In a statement, Meat Industry Ireland says price is determined by conditions in the market, which is extremely challenging.


Over the weekend Members of the group from the counties of Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal held a number of regional and county meetings.


Leitrim Councillor Brendan Barry is the chairman of the Beef plan in movement in Leitrim he’s says that the Beef Plan movement are not coordinating today’s protests.


He also feels it’s vital that the issues around price and anti-competitive practices are discussed sooner rather than later.