99% of Sligo private rental accommodation fails to comply with standards; it’s 73% in Donegal and 68% in Leitrim

More than 99% of private rental accommodation inspected in Sligo last year failed to meet compliance standards.

That’s according to figured published by the Department of Housing.

Data from the housing department has revealed Sligo had the highest fail rate in the north west region, with figures showing out of 469 dwelling inspected in 2018, a total of 468 were substandard.

Donegal County Council had a fail rate of 73% – where out of the 1,115 properties inspected – 757 failed to meet standards.

Meanwhile, 68% of properties inspected by Leitrim County Council failed to meet the appropriate criteria.

The standards relate to structural conditions, provision of sanitary facilities, as well as facilities for food preparation, storage and laundry and the availability of adequate heating.

Lighting and ventilation, electricity and gas installations, fire safety and refuse facilities are also looked at under the inspection.

Landlords whose properties fail to meet standards are issued with an improvement letter, a prohibition notice or served with legal action, depending on the level of non-compliance.