Dwelling numbers on the increase in the north west

There are now almost 990 more dwellings in the north west than they were a year ago.

That’s according to figures just released by GeoDirectory, a database established by An Post and the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.

These figures were obtained through a combination of the An Post network of 5,600 delivery staff working with Ordnance Survey of Ireland.

They show that for the second quarter of this year, 571 dwellings were added to Donegal’s residential building stock in the 12 months to June 2019.

264 residential buildings were under construction in Donegal in June 2019.

Donegal’s vacancy rate stands at 10.4%; the national average is 4.8%.

The average house price in Donegal in the 12 months to April 2019 was €122,953.

Letterkenny was the town with the highest average resindential property price in the county.

There were 1,368 residential property transactions in Donegal in the 12 months to April 2019; just more than 12% of these were new properties.

323 dwellings were added to Sligo;s residential housing stock, with 61 under construction in June this year.

The vacancy rate in Sligo is 10.4% and the average house price in Sligo in the 12 months to April was €146,917.

There were 827 residential property transactions in Sligo in that time, just over 12% of which were for new properties.

And as might be expected, Sligo town had the highest average residential property price in the county.

In Leitrim, 93 new residential dwellings became available, with 24 under construction in June.

Leitrim has the highest vacancy rate in the region, at 15.2%.

It has the lowest average house price in the region in the 12 months to April 2019; it was €116,468.

The county also had the lowest number of residential property transactions — 419 — with just under 8% of those for new properties.