Sligo councillors asked to defer adoption of new Traveller Accommodation Plan

The Sligo Traveller Support Group is calling on the county council NOT go ahead at its meeting this coming Monday with the proposed adoption of a five-year Traveller Accommodation Plan.

The support group says there are a range of issues it wants to see rectified first.

These include agreed terms of reference for a Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee, the reintroduction of a caravan loan scheme and issues of family compatibility when it comes to accommodation which, it claims, have not been fully addressed or acknowledged.

It also wants equality, discrimination and cultural awareness training for council staff, councillors and those who will be on the Traveller consultative committee.

Local authorities have been given 10 weeks by the Human Rights and Equality Commission to show they are complying with their obligations to accommodate Travellers

Bernadette Maughan, manager of the Sligo Traveller Support Group, has been telling Ocean FM News the background to the request for councillors to defer adopting the plan at this stage.