Martin Ford says ‘Sligo has no mayor’

A Sligo town man protested outside the headquarters of Sligo County Council this morning over the fact that the town does not have its own directly-elected mayor.

That’s despite People Before Profit Councillor Gino O Boyle having been selected as mayor last week by councillors from the Sligo Borough District.

Previously, the chairperson of the borough council was the mayor but Martin Ford says since the borough council was abolished, there is no longer a mayor.

Martin Ford says Cllr O Boyle is chairman of the Sligo Borough District of the council which, up until the last local elections, was known as the Sligo/Strandhill Municipal District.

He insists that with the borough council no longer in existence, county councillors cannot select a mayor for the Sligo urban area.

Also, he says the people of the Sligo urban area should be given the opportunity to elect their mayor, as he told our reporter Harry Keaney outside the county council offices this morning.