Farmer concerns over Climate Action Plan . . . and Brexit Fund conditions concerning suckler herd

The Irish Farmers’ Association says the Climate Action Plan is very demanding on farmers.

Under the new proposals, there’ll be a push for farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It also includes measures aimed at helping them improve their livestock and land management.

IFA President Joe Healy says Irish farmers are already among the best performers globally when it comes reducing emissions:

Meanwhile, the Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association is holding an emergency National Council meeting to discuss the threat posed to the suckler industry following proposals from the EU Commission on the Brexit support package for the beef sector.

National President Colm O’Donnell, from Sligo, stated: “There is a clear agenda to decimate our suckler sector, with the likely possibility of a destocking of suckler cows, similar to the destocking of our hills in the 1990’s.”

The INHFA leader outlined “how the destocking of our hills was a proposal pushed by the EU in an attempt to address an issue at that time, and it would appear that the EU Commission has a similar plan in mind for our suckler cows.

O’Donnell added: “There is a need for our minister to clarify what was in our government’s proposal to the EU Commission in relation to this Brexit support package. By doing this we can determine how much of the Commission’s agenda is a solo run and how much is also being driven by our own government and the department.”