Doherty calls for Irish fishing boats to be protected at Rockall

Donegal Sinn Fein TD, Pearse Doherty says if diplomatic avenues fail – Ireland must be ready to deploy Sea Fisheries Protection Agency vessels to protect Irish fishing boats at Rockall.


The Tánaiste earlier the government won’t back down on Scotland’s attempts to force Irish fishermen to stop fishing at Rockall.


The Scottish government is warning it will send its navy to board vessels and order them to ‘cease and desist’ if they’re found in the waters.


Scotland is claiming a 12-mile exclusion zone around the area, which lies around 230 nautical miles off Donegal.


It’s accusing Ireland of fishing illegally there.


The loss of fishing rights around Rockall could see millions of euro taken out of Ireland’s fishing industry, which is why the Irish government is considering taking the matter to the EU courts to protect Ireland’s interests.


Pearse Doherty is calling for action to be taken.