North west first time buyers not availing of lucrative housing related tax relief

Hundreds of would be home owners in the north west are missing out on lucrative housing related tax relief.

That’s according to a recent Taxpayer sentiment survey which found that 57% of people do not know about the Help to Buy Scheme, which was introduced in Budget 2017 to help First Time Buyers save for a deposit for their first home, and which has been mooted to be extended past its end date of December 2019.

Over 12,000 people have so far availed of the scheme in the Republic of Ireland, however only 238 applications have been made by those living in the Counties of Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim.

The survey finds that when it comes to housing reliefs and grants, the level of knowledge and awareness among the general public is too low and is most likely resulting in smaller numbers than expected taking up the aid.

In a nationwide league table Donegal is in 16th position with 115 applications, Sligo is in 21st with 91 application and Leitrim prop up the table with 32 applications.

The Help to Buy incentive is aimed providing assistance for first time buyers, people in social housing that are looking to buy the home from the local authority, anybody looking to purchase a family home and those in negative equity looking to move.