Parents rally to save border area secondary school from closure

Parents are rallying in an attempt to save the closure of a border area secondary school.

St. Mary’s High School in Brollagh, Co. Fermanagh, is facing potential closure for the 4th time.

The school first faced closure in 2008.

The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools issued a statement in April this year stating that the school will ‘discontinue with effect from August 31, 2020, or as soon as possible thereafter.’

Under current regulations, schools must have a minimum of 500 students to be viable.

Francis Maguire is a member of a parents action group attempting to stop any closure.

He says the school is located in a very rural area and can’t be fairly compared to schools in urban areas.

The group is actively campaigning to keep the school open and must respond to the proposal of closure by Monday the 17th of June.

It is now asking for the community to show its support.

The group is also bringing forward its own proposal on integrated education, which garnered overwhelming support from parents.