Survey shows workers who move to the NW have lower costs, more disposable income and better work-life balance

Workers moving to the north west have lower living costs, high disposable income and a better work-life balance.

And highly-qualified professionals are among those now coming to live and work in counties such as Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

The latest insight into why workers are choosing the north west comes in a survey of 217 people carried out between January and March of this year.

All those who responded to the survey had relocated to work in Sligo, Leitrim or Donegal during the past five years.

Access to schools, being closer to family and friends and less traffic were the three top reasons why they moved.

76% of them took up a similar or more senior role than the one they had before moving here.

More than three quarters of those who responded to the survey said their disposable income increased since coming to the north west.

Four out of five (82%) respondents to the survey hold an honours degree or above, which shows the north west is attracting highly-qualified professionals.

One-third of respondents had moved to the north west from overseas, and 10% of these were from the UK.

Just under one-third moved from Dublin.

Speaking to OceanFM, Antoinette O’Flaherty, Collins McNicholas Director for the North West, gave an example of someone who moved to here.

Meanwhile, Collins McNicholas point out that the north west is becoming a hub for tech jobs, thanks to a string of recent job announcements.

Meanwhile, Padraic White, chairman of Collins McNicholas and former managing director of the IDA, says when it comes to traffic, a priority should be the Carrick on Shannon by-pass as the current road cannot cope and is causing serious delays between Dublin and Sligo at peak times.

Similarly, there’s a need for the planned but delayed improvement to the A5 route from Aughnacloy to Donegal and Derry.