Romuald Mullarkey eliminated in Ballymote-Tubbercurry

Fianna Fail candidate Romuald Mullarkey has been eliminated on the second count for the Ballymote-Tubbeercurry area.

That count saw the distribution of the vote of Sinn Féin’s Daniel Gallagher, who was eliminated after the first count.

Mullarkey’s vote of 699 votes is now being distributed.

Gallagher’s vote was spread out among all the other candidates when distributed.

Fianna Fail’s Paul Taylor received 14 votes giving him 1899, followed by Independent Joe Queenan who got 26 votes, giving him 1763.

Other leading candidates in this area who benefitted from Gallagher’s votes were: Martin Baker (+40) giving him 1,472; Michael Clarke (+41) 1604, Blair Feeney (+13) 1219, Willie Gormley (+52) 1099, and Dara Mulvey (+41) 1539 and Gerard Mullaney (+28) 1551.

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