Sinn Féin’s Thomas Healy tops the poll in Sligo-Drumcliffe

Sinn Féin’s Thomas Healy has topped the poll in the first count of the Sligo-Drumcliffe electoral area.

He is within 141 votes of reaching the quota of 1511.

The total poll was 9192 with a valid poll of 9065.

Count 1 result in full:

Marie Casserly (Ind) 1173

Tom Fox (FG) 1038

Amanada Gallagher (Ind) 257

Nigel Gallagher (Ind) 433

Donal Gilroy (FF) 1275

Thomas Healy (SF) 1370

Seamus Kilgannon (FF) 925

Colm McGurran (FF) 332

Ciara McLoughlin (FG) 840

Thomas Walsh (FG) 1220

Corey Whyte (Ind) 202.

As no candidate reached the quota on this count 1, the candidate with the lowest number of votes, Corey Whyte, has been eliminated and his votes are being distributed.

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