Call for miniplan for High Street in Sligo

An outgoing Sligo councillor and election candidate is calling for a regeneration miniplan for High Street in Sligo town.

Although a number of new businesses have opened in what is one of the oldest areas of Sligo, there remains concern about the decline and deterioration of the area over past years.

Council Director of Services Dorothy Clarke told a council meeting this week that the so-called Courthouse Block Plan for the area was adopted in 2005 and was incorporated into the local area plan.

But she said that, unfortunately, the economic situation had mitigated against the full implementation of the plan.

Councillor Declan Bree, who lives in High Street, said he understood the biggest obstacle is that what is possibly the biggest block of property in the area is under the control of NAMA.

Councillor Tom MacSharry, who has called for the mini regeneration plan, says businesses and residents need to be involved.