Lists of candidates finalised; now we know the names that will be on the ballot papers

With the lists of local election candidates finalised at last, voters can now get a clear idea of who will be on the ballot papers on election day on May 24th.

Overall in County Sligo, north Leitrim and south Donegal area, there are 63 candidates seeking 30 seats.

More than half of local election candidates running in County Sligo, and in the Manorhamilton and Donegal electoral areas, will be disappointed after all the votes are counted following the local elections taking place in just over two weeks time.

In Sligo, there are 35 candidates competing for 18 seats on the county council.

In Manorhamilton electoral area, nine candidates are running for six seats. Those nine candidates are made up of three Fine Gael, two Fianna Fail, one Sinn Fein, one Green Party, and two Independents.

In Donegal electoral area, there’s a massive 19 candidates fighting for six seats.

Here there are three Fine Gael candidates, four Fianna Fail, one People Before Profit, two Sinn Fein, and nine Independents.

In the Ballymote electoral area of Sligo, there are seven seats and 13 candidates. Here’s there’s four Fine Gael candidates, four Fianna Fail, one Sinn Fein, and four Independents.

In Drumcliffe area, 11 candidates are going for five seats. The 11 here are made up of three Fine Gael, three Fianna Fail, one Sinn Fein, one People Before Profit, one Independent for Change and two Independents.

In the Strandhill area, there are six seats, with 11 candidates on the ballot paper made up of two Fine Gaels, two Fianna Fail, one Sinn Fein, one Independent for Change, one Labour, one Renua, one Independent, one People Before Profit and one for the Green Party.

Meanwhile, the first of six local election debates hosted by Ocean FM took place this morning in the Glasshouse Hotel in Sligo; it involved the 11 candidates from the Sligo/Drumcliffe area.

Five more debates will be taking place over the coming two weeks with the candidates from Sligo/Strandhill, Manorhamilton and Donegal electoral areas.

Because there are so many candidates running in Donegal, there will be two debates from that electoral area, one on this Thursday, with the other on Friday.