1,700 households in NW unable to pay anything off their mortgage for at least 2 years

More than 1,700 households in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal have been unable to pay anything off their mortgage for at least two years.

That’s made up of 1,129 in Donegal, 299 in Sligo and 278 in Leitrim.

That’s according to Paul Cunningham, CEO of Home for Life, a government-approved operator of the Mortgage-to-Rent Scheme.

The Mortgage-to-Rent Scheme was designed to help home-dwellers in debt.

However, figures to the end of the first quarter of this year show that in Donegal, 14 cases were active, with none completed.

In Sligo, only 17 were active with none completed.

And in Leitrim, nine cases were active, with two completed.

The Mortgage-to-Rent Scheme allows those who are eligible to remain in their current home while trying to their mortgage debt by paying a rent that is affordable and income-based, on a long-term lease.

Paul Cunningham is now calling on all local election candidates to highlight how the scheme could help hundreds of householders who face losing their homes.

He feels there is a lack of awareness about the scheme.