Candidates warned about dangers in putting posters on ESB poles

Election candidates who put put posters on ESB poles could be the cause of power to customers having to be switched off.

That’s because ESB Networks might, in some cases, have to switch off power to remove posters that are in unsafe or hazardous positions on poles.

The warning from the utility company comes as the European and local elections are now only three weeks away.

ESB Networks say people who put posters on the poles risk electrocution, and as more are added higher up on the pole, the risk increases.

There have been instances where the ESB needed to shut off power to homes and businesses to safely remove the posters and one occurrence in the previous elections where one caught fire due to it touching the live wires.

Public Safety Manager with ESB Networks, Arthur Burn, says not putting posters on the poles is in the interest of public safety.