Call for armed support units in Garda divisions

Rising violent incidents and recent ATM thefts along the border means there is a need for 24-hour armed support units in every division in the country.

That’s the view of Ray Wims, The Garda Representative Association Northern representative who is tabling a motion at their annual conference today.

The Garda Representative Associations annual conference is taking place in Killarney, Co. Kerry today.

GRA Northern Representative Ray Wims is tabling a motion calling for every division in the country to have 24 hour armed support units.

Under the current system, they are classed as a regional resource with there being 6 regions in the country.

Ballyshannon, Donegal Town and Dundalk cover the Northern Region, however, due to geographic constraints, arrival times can vary.

Ray Wims says with rising stabbing and firearm incidents, these units are needed in each division.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan will be in attendance at today’s meeting.

Speaking from Killarney, he says there is merit at a regional level in making sure a unit can respond.

The Sligo/Leitrim Division is also putting forward a motion for all Garda cars to be fitted with GPS.

Ambulance and fire crews currently have it installed and Ray Wims would like the same for Gardaí.