Arts House, with Harry Keaney, April 28th 2019

Susan O’Keeffe, director of the Yeats Society Sligo tells us about newly-discovered film footage from the day William Butler Yeats was reburied in Drumcliffe churchyard in 1948. (00.50.00)

Brenda O Callaghan outlines all that’s happening at this year’s sean nos Cos Festival in north Sligo. (15.23.00)

Ricky Whelan, of BirdWatch Ireland, talks about a survey taking place in County Sligo; it concerns little birds knows as Swifts, one of the fastest flyers on the planet. (25.34.00)

Artist Sarah Browne tells us about an intriguing film and discussion event taking place in The Model in Sligo on Thursday, May 2nd at 8pm. It’s entitled ‘To train the whole body as a tongue. (35.30.00)

Stephen MacCahill talks about the Cup of Tae Festival taking place in Ardara, Co Donegal from May 3rd to 6th. (42.27.00)