Abtran and French road builder win M50 contract

A company with offices in Sligo that is in partnership with a French road builder has won the contract to operate the M50 tolls in Dublin.

Media reports say the contract could be worth €373m over 15 years.

The M50 is the Republic’s busiest motorway, with an average 145,000 vehicle travelling on it every day.

One of the companies is Abtran, which provided customer support to the national roads authority Transport Infrastructure Ireland for the digital Eflow road tolling system between 2009 and 2017.

The other company is Vinci.

Abtran and Vinci will operate the M50’s system that digitally records and charges for vehicle journeys on the road.

The contract covers installing a new gantry crane with sensors to detect vehicles, along with cameras and beacons for reading registration plates and tags.

Abtran employs 2,000 people in Cork, Dublin and Sligo.