Hopes Inishmurray access issue may be resolved in time for tourism season

There are renewed hopes that trips for tourists and visitors to Inishmurray Island off the coast of north Sligo may be able to resume in time for this year’s tourism season.

Boat trips to the ancient monastic island have been banned on safety grounds by the Marine Survey Office of the Department of Transport.

However, Sligo councillors have now decided to go ahead and carry out works to make it safer for those landing and leaving the island.

Works done will have to satisfy the Marine Survey Office.

Independent Councillor Declan Bree said he still believed it was the Department of Transport that should be bringing forward proposals for work and paying for it.

Fianna Fail Councillor Tom MacSharry said they had asked for support from the department and didn’t get it, and people had been looking to Sligo County Council to show leadership on this issue: