Over 1,200 receive paternity leave payment in the north west

Over 1,200 people across the north west received payment for paternity leave last year.

The highest uptake was by fathers in Donegal where 716 payments were made.

This was followed by Sligo on 339 and Leitirm on 174.

Overall the number of payments made remained largely the same in the region as the 2017 figure, however there was a dip in payments in Leitrim and slight increase in Donegal.

This is despite the trend throughout the rest of country which saw payments drop by 10pc with up take amoung fathers remaining slow.

The county-by-county breakdown from the Irish Independent comes as Government plans to sign-off soon on a two more weeks’ paid parental leave for each parent.

The scheme is expected to be on stream in November – families who have children ahead of the introduction date are not expected to be able to avail of the additional leave.