Calls for Irish compensation culture to be addressed

Over 80 per cent of people believe that there’s a compensation culture in Ireland.


That’s according to research for the Personal Injuries Assessment Board which is holding a conference on current and future issues in the personal injuries landscape in Ireland.


62 per cent of people surveyed agree that there is a need to reform the way compensation is determined in Ireland.


Linda Murray owns a children’s play centre in Navan and says she’s always worried someone will make a false claim against her business:




Its emerged Bank of Ireland posted incorrect information about 3,000 customers to the Central Credit Register.


The register documents an individual’s credit history and is consulted by lenders when considering a loan application.


Bank Of Ireland wrote to customers to inform them of the ‘technical error’ which occurred between November and January and has since been corrected.


Brendan Burgess from “Ask About Money” outlines the impact the error may have had.