The Land of a Thousand Welcomes – All 3 Episodes

Part three of our new series called ‘The Land of a Thousand Welcomes’ presented by Claire Ronan, we ask whether Ireland still lives up to its claim of being “The Land of a Thousand Welcomes”.

As an increasing number of people flee war torn and stricken parts of the world to seek out our shores, this series explores the lives of the asylum seekers that have sought refuge in the North West of Ireland.

They tell us about the countries they are from and why they had to leave. They share the heartbreak of parting with their friends, families, communities and their children.

They speak candidly about their journey to Ireland and what their first impressions of our shores were. They talk about their lives in Direct Provision and the struggle and frustrations involved in getting through the asylum seeker process and finally they tell us about their hopes and dreams for the future.

In the final episode, we talk to the people in our community who have extended the hand of friendship to some of the asylum seekers and the affect that has had on their lives.

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