School enrolements on the increase in the north west.

The Department of Education and Skills has just published  results on enrolements for September last year in primary and post-primary schools across Ireland.

There was an increase of almost 2% in Sligo, 0.7% in Leitrim and 0.5% in Donegal.

The total number of pupils enrolled for the 2018/2019 school year in both primary and post-primary schools in Sligo rose to 12,729, an increase of 237.

Total enrolments in Sligo primary schools rose to 7,698 in September, an increase of 144, an almost 2% increase compared to 0.8% nationally.

At post-primary level, 5,031 pupils were enrolled in Sligo, an increase of 93 or almost 2%.

The average primary school size in Sligo is 115, while at post-primary level, it’s 387.

At primary level in Sligo and Leitrim, 708 schools have 60 or fewer pupils.

The total number of pupils enrolled in primary and post primary schools in Leitrim rose to 6,295, an increase of 44.

Total enrolments in Leitrim primary schools stood at 3,727 while it was 2,568 in post-primary schools, also an increase of 44.

More than 50% of primary schools in Leitrim have fewer than 50 pupils while the average post-primary school size in the county is 367.

In Donegal, total school enrolment is 31,863, an increase of 90.

But in Donegal primary schools, there was a decrease of 27 pupils to 18,840.

Average primary school size in Donegal is 108 pupils and 482 at post-primary.

At secondary level, more than 13,000 students were enrolled in Donegal, an increase of 117.

Nationally, at both primary and secondary level, the number of multi-denominational schools has risen.

There is also a move toward larger schools.

A detailed breakdown of the figures is available on the Department of Education’s web site.