The Final Whistle: Episode 15 – 21/02/2019

Has it really been 10 years since the World Rally Championship came to Sligo and Leitrim?

The Final Whistle delves into the archive this week with Motorsport UK’s Volunteer of the Year John Comiskey to reminisce on the buzz which Rally Ireland 2009 brought to the North West. From Sebastian Loeb’s driving with his ‘elbow out the window’ to the legacy which the event left in its wake – and the challenges since the sport has had to confront.

Also, Declan Bonner and Ciaran Thompson on Donegal’s Ulster championship ‘rehearsal’ with Fermanagh in Division 2 this Sunday – plus – Sligo rugby head coach Paddy Pearson on the team’s push for a second consecutive promotion in the All-Ireland League.

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