Local Enterprise Offices help provide more than 2,600 jobs in north west

More than 2,600 people are employed by Local Enterprise Office companies throughout Sligo, Donegal and Leitrim.

That’s according to figures just announced, which show a fifth year of employment growth for Local Enterprise Offices.

In Donegal, there are 214 LEO supported enterprises providing 1,294 jobs.

In Sligo, 236 LEO client companies are providing 920 jobs while in Leitim 437 jobs are being provided by 161 businesses.

Last year, there had been a nett gain of 203 jobs in Donegal, 33 in Sligo and 24 in Leitrim.

There are 31 Local Enterprise Offices nationwide . . .they operate in partnership with Enterprise Ireland and the local authorities.

They provide training, mentoring and financial assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses who may want to start, develop or grow their company.

They also play a key role in helping prepare small businesses for Brexit.

When it comes to job creation, Local Enterprise Offices may not make headlines like the IDA and Enterprise Ireland.

But, as Head of Enterprise at Donegal Local Enterprise Office Michael Tunney tells Ocean FM News, the LEOs play an important role.