Enniscrone wants name-change plebiscite on same day as elections in May

There are fears that if a plebiscite — or vote — on changing the name of Enniscrone does not take place on the same day as the local elections next May, another year could pass before people in the west Sligo coastal town get their say.

There’s also uncertainty as to whether the plebiscite –whenever it takes place — will be through a postal vote or by ballot.

However, it cannot take place until legislation on placenames is passed by both the Seanad and Dail.

Also, it’s understood a Register of Electors in the area eligible to vote in a plebiscite will have to be finalised.

Local people want the name changed from Inniscrone — beginning with an ‘I’ — to the more commonly used name begining with an ‘E.’

During a discussion at yesterday’s meeting of Sligo County Council, Chief Executive Ciaran Hayes said the council would to everything to ensure the plebiscite can take place as soon as possible.

Independent Councillor Joe Queenan says he sees no reason why the plebiscite cannot take place on the same day as the elections next May.