Sligo County Council unanimously support nurses pending strike action

Sligo county councillors have unanimously agreed this morning to support nurses in their current campaign for improved pay, staffing and worker retention which has now culminated in a decision for strike action.


The pending strikes by nurses was discussed after standing orders was suspended to allow debate on the issue.


Fianna Fail Councillor Rosaleen O Grady (a former nurse)proposed that the council appeal to the Health Minister and the department to work to avert the threatened strike.


The motion was seconded by Sinn Fein Councillor Chris MacManus and agreed to by all councillors.


Fianna Fail Councillor Tom MacSharry called for his party to withdraw from the confidence and supply agreement with Fine Gael because of the crisis in the health service.


Another Fianna Fail Councillor Keith Henry called on the Taoiseach to withdraw comments he made before Christmas about health staff being available to work during the holiday period, especially considering he had worked in the service as a doctor.


Cllr O Grady said the health service was in constant crisis.


She pointed out it was only the second strike by nurses in more than 100 years.