More than 500 jobs created by Enterprise Ireland supported companies in the region

More than 500 jobs were created by Enterprise Ireland-supported companies in 2018 across the counties of Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim.

The agency responsible for developing Irish businesses globally is reporting its highest ever figures, with 215,207 people now employed by firms backed by EI.

Over 60 per cent of the new jobs were created outside Dublin last year.

Locally, new employment figures show a 12% increase in jobs at firms supported by Enterprise Ireland in Donegal in 2018. This represents an overall increase of 416 nett jobs and brings the total number of Enterprise Ireland backed jobs in the County to 3818.

In Sligo there was a 4% increase, which resulted in 72 new net jobs, and in the county the total figure for Enterprise Ireland backed jobs stands at 1916.

51 new nett jobs were created in Leitrim by Enterprise Ireland backed companies in 2018, this represents an increase of 9% on 2017 and brings the total figure for Enterprise Ireland supported jobs to 607.

Aidan McKenna is the North West Regional Director for the Counties of Sligo, Leitirm and Donegal.

He says the latest figures is good news for the local economy: