Names of GP’s offering abortions in the North West will not be published

The names of GP’s offering abortion services across the north west will not be published.

Instead those wishing to use the service are being advised to contact the dedicated ‘My Options’ helpline where they will be directed to a service in their local area.

According to the Irish Times, 20 women sought an abortion on the first day the service was available in the country.

From January 1st abortion services became available to women here in Ireland.

Across the country – GPs and family planning services, who have signed up to provide the service, are now beginning to provide care to patients who want to have an abortion.

Currently 179 GP’s nationally have signed the contract but it’s unclear how many of those are from Sligo, Leitirm and Donegal.

However when asked by Ocean FM News if there are any GP’s in Sligo who have ‘opted in’ for providing abortions, the HSE says it has agreed an approach that GP’s details will not be published.

The Health Service Executive says details of where they can get abortion care are provided directly to people who need it, through the new My Options helpline on 1800 828 010 and will not be made public.

Helen Deely from the HSE says there have been quite a lot of calls to the helpline already.